Short Fiction

Free short stories and writing experiments

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Children’s Fiction

A bedtime story I told my kids, and a play based on a Buddhist folktale

Stages of Man

Warning: adult themes and language

Country music songwriter Will McNeill is trying to move on with his life and raise his daughter after his wife’s death, but someone won’t let him.

Killing Montherek

Kendrik has come of age during a revolution, and his people are finally free, but his journey won’t be complete until he joins the prestigious society that will protect his future.

The Lapis Dragon Tamer

Appropriate for all ages

A young boy is chosen by augury to go against a dragon that has destroyed his village.  Facing the dragon is better than facing the village.

Getting off the bus

A short story based on an exercise from John Gardner’s The Art of Fiction

On page 202 of The Art of Fiction John Gardner proposes describing the following scene in five different ways: A man gets off the bus, trips, looks around in embarassment and sees a woman smiling. This short short story is one of my interpretations.

How to Lose A Hundred Bucks

Two short stories based on an exercise I created for the Fairlee Library writing group

A man walks into a store, buys some dog food, leaves, and discovers he’s lost a $100 bill, written from the perspective of an introvert and an extravert.