Reading for fun

In which I try to redeem my previous intellectual arrogance

A few weeks ago I questioned “reading for fun” in a post that started an excellent discussion with Michael McLendon and a few others on Facebook. I put forth that although Brandon Sanderson exhorted his students to always remember they are writing for entertainment, I don’t read for what I would strictly call entertainment, and I always aim to get something more serious out of reading a book. I don’t have the same expectations for movies and TV. Sounds reasonable enough and the discussion went fine without too much hair-splitting.

However, I became aware that I sounded a little like this:


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Rethinking Twitter

Twitter has been good to me, but it’s also bad for me

Twitter has been my primary way of interacting over the internet for a few years now.  I started using Twitter at a time when I really wanted a centralized way of interacting with people and information over the internet.  I had dismissed Twitter previously because the few times I looked at it, it looked like a bunch of self-important young people talking about what they had for breakfast, or this great beer they found, or other stuff that basically resembled the banal conversation I was trying to avoid by going on the internet in the first place.  What I found after giving it a fair shake was that Twitter does give a good centralized location from which to fan out web browsing.  The really useful posts on Twitter are the ones that contain links to interesting articles, news items and blogs. Continue reading “Rethinking Twitter”

Fake First Post

Yesterday I had an appendectomy and today I decided to finally launch this new blog. I hope you enjoy it.

This is not the first posting on this new blog. I had delayed starting this blog for a long time for various stupid reasons: “I haven’t published anything yet,” “blogs are stupid,” “I’m stupid,” etc. I think only the last one is true. I had an appendectomy (surprise!) and got home from the hospital last night, and this morning I came up with a great idea for how to write the story that I’d wanted to write for a long time. I noticed a parallel between a conversation about the film Event Horizon and a line in the film itself, and how it epitomized my graduate school experience. I had wanted to write about grad school and how it didn’t work out for a long time, and this clinched it for me.

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