New short story

A quick note here just to let you know my short story “Stages of Man” is now available here for free:

I should be able to get used to something like that, like how Southerners should be expecting the heat, or how people really shouldn’t fear death: you know it’s coming, so it’s no big deal, but no, every time I run into her, it leaves me feeling cold and sick and exhausted for days… . She never seems to understand how painful it is to see her. If she could avoid it, I wish she would. As it is, it’s almost like she’s still alive.

Will McNeill is just trying to get on with his life, but his wife isn’t finished with him. This is the only ghost story I’ve written so far, and I’ve had an interesting time submitting it to various literary journals. It got an honorable mention in Glimmer Train’s Fiction Open last fall, which was pretty cool. But now I’d like you to read it and enjoy it. You can read it here or download it as a PDF or EPUB for Android devices or Nook.

In other news I am about a week or so away from editing Firesage and that has me focused. I am also reading Stephen R. Donaldson’s The Mirror of Her Dreams and am totally going to read the sequel. As with The Dragon Prince, I am not supposed to like this book, but of course I do.


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