Eating Disorders: the Movie of the Week

I just got home from a screening of All of Me, a documentary about anorexia and bulimia made by a local filmmaker.  The depth of the movie really surprised me, and the lack of awareness that people have about these topics now.  During the Q&A afterward I told the director about my first reaction on seeing the poster for the screening was “I haven’t seen that in a while.”  Continue reading “Eating Disorders: the Movie of the Week”


Halloween Update

Today’s a pretty big day for my emerging writing career.  I got an honorable mention in the Glimmer Train Fall Fiction Open (i.e. open to experienced and new writers) and alphabetical order came in handy; I’m the first author listed on the page.  I didn’t win exactly, but this is the first official recognition of my writing and the editors said they enjoyed the story.  That’s a huge compliment since Glimmer Train is a very prestigious literary journal and, more importantly, it has great stories in it.  I think it’s the best one out there, and I have sampled a lot of little magazines.  The editors have good taste.  Continue reading “Halloween Update”