Writing Update

Or, How I learned to Stop Growling and Tell People What I’m Working On

People are constantly asking me what I’m working on, and I figured this is a good time to let people know “how it’s going.” If you know me, you know that I have the irritating habit (it irritates me, too) of trying to come up with an incredibly meaningful answer to the question “How ya doin’?” Hopefully this will suffice. People are also always asking me what I do for a living, and in case you missed that I quit science and science teaching (although I’m available as a tutor!) because of the exceedingly screwed-up academic world. I miss the cavernous libraries and lecture halls, but I’m able to visit enough to satisfy me.

Progress report: I have finished the “epic rewrite” of my novel about a young woman caught in the middle of two warring cultures and under the thumb of a domineering, patriarchal, astrological religion. This work goes by the working title Mortal Temples. If I’ve asked you to read portions of it, you’ll recognize it as the story of Queen Edyth and how she is tortured by the pressure to become pregnant to try to stabilize her husband’s weak rule. However, she’s not exactly interested in motherhood as much as she is in directly healing her people’s problems (among other things).  This book is very involved and complex , although self-contained, not quite ripe for a series.

I finished this rewrite August 31, a week ahead of schedule, and just for fun I wrote an appendix and a glossary. I’m going to leave this alone for at least six weeks, before I polish it and start looking for an agent. In the meantime, I am straightening out a novel I wrote last summer about a group of wizards, including one who is full of contradictions. This book is shorter, and was my attempt to write something thoroughly eighties. I’m pretty sure I failed and wrote something psychologically engaging, although not quite as R-rated and psychoanalytically influenced as Mortal Temples.

In addition, I have three short stories out, two at contests and one flash story awaiting the decision of an editor. I went to Readercon this summer and got lots of encouragement from fellow writers and a few editors. It was a really interesting experience, where I met a lot of great people, and found a lot of great books to read.


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