Let books be books: my low expectations for a Wheel of Time TV series

Books and movies fundamentally different, so I don’t have high hopes for the projected TV series

When I was fifteen the most significant and philosophically deep things in the world were Philip Glass and Robert Wilson’s opera Einstein on the Beach and Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “trilogy.” The Hitchhiker series was the first book series I read that really made me question my view of reality, which at the time was highly scientific, and the books helped me make room for something that if not spiritual was at least highly skeptical of a one-sided view of existence. And it was funny as hell. By the time I got to reading So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, Adams’ books had touched me very deeply and I carried them around with me, knowing that they’d taught me something special. The final validation of that would be seeing my vision of the series on a big screen. I had a title, first scene, opening credits, and many other scenes all mapped out in my daydreaming head. I had seen the television show but the movie in my head was perfect in its own way, so much better than anything anyone else could come up with. If only I could have gotten someone in Hollywood interested…

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